Why Winter Is The Worst Time To List Your House In New Jersey

Why Winter Is The Worst Time To List Your House In New Jersey According to many sources, winter is the worst time to list your house in New Jersey. There are many reasons that contribute to this. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do about it in our latest post!

For many people looking to sell a house in New Jersey,  the spring may be the best time to list your property to give you a chance to net the most money. While it may not sell immediately in the spring, most new home buyers are upgrading because they need more room for the family, will typically wait until the summer to move. With the kids out of school and get them ready for the new school district. It’s no secret the winter months tend to be slower for real estate sales. This is true because of various factors, which we’ll discuss some below.  Don’t get me wrong, houses sell in the winter, they’ll just sell for a lower price and may take longer to yield a buyer which means less profit for you. Below are a few reasons why you may think twice before listing your house in New Jersey and why you should consider a direct sale instead!

Fewer People Looking

On average, less people are excited about the house buying process in the winter months, seriously how many people are really excited about moving during the winter? With less buyers out in the market during the winter, there is a smaller buying pool and the few that are out there will be looking for a bargain and may sense the desperation of the seller. Some buyers deliberately wait until the spring months because there is a higher inventory of properties for sale and that means more options and less doubt about not finding the right house. Most home sellers will wait until the spring or summer months when the kids are out of school, and there is less going on in order to get a shot at full retail value. Looking at houses and moving can be much easier during the spring/summer, bringing more buyers to the table. If you need to sell a house fast during the winter months, working with our team can help to provide the solutions you need!

It’s Cold

In New Jersey, cold weather can sometimes be brutal and keeps people indoors. The cold weather keeps people from visiting open houses and spending their nights and weekends looking at properties. Think about it, most buyers look at properties after work and during the winter months not only is it cold but it also gets dark early. Would you like to drive around in the freezing cold having to look at multiple houses getting in and out of your warm car? I know I wouldn’t like to move during the winter, I would do what I can to avoid it. 

Spending Money Elsewhere

A lot of people are still trying to recover from the holiday expenses. Between the gifts, food, events, decor and other holiday expenses, people aren’t always thinking about saving up for a new home. In fact, During the holiday season is when people use their credit cards the most  and at times maxing them out. so, even if they wanted to buy a house they may not qualify for a mortgage right away until they pay off those credit cards. This is why some people typically wait until after their tax returns so they can use their tax refund either as a down payment or to pay off their credit cards. Working with a professional home buyer such as HouseBuyerCash.com will allow you to receive an excellent offer for the property no matter what time of year it is!

Busy Time of Year

There is so much going on in the winter months and buying a NEW house is the last thing people are thinking about adding to their already long list. Buying a house takes time, not only looking for the right place but then once you find it now it’s time for inspections, mortgage commitments, moving, shopping for new appliances, furniture, decorations and so forth. Most people are not up for doing all of that in the winter months. Finding and buying a house in New Jersey isn’t likely going to be a high priority for prospective buyers. As such, hiring a real estate agent and trying to find the right buyer may not be the best option for homeowners who need to sell a house fast in New Jersey.

Sell Your House Anyway!

While winter is a historically difficult time to list a house in New Jersey, working with a trusted cash buyer such as HouseBuyerCash.com will give you a great price and a fast sale, no matter what time of year it is. We will buy your house directly, even when it’s cold! Don’t let a slower market stop you from selling! Get a fair, all-cash for your house in only a few short days! We buy properties in any condition and we will handle all of the clean-up, repairs, and paperwork. If you find yourself having to sell a house fast in New Jersey during the winter months, working with our team will likely be the best option for you! Get in touch with our team today to run the numbers for your property. You might be surprised at what a direct sale to our team can do for you!

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